Architectural Gems Among Us

My parents are architecture and design devotees whose admiration for Frank Lloyd Wright bordered on adulation. For many years they would set off across the US on what could be only be called pilgrimages to bear witness to his work.

Intrigued and inspired, I too sought out the works of Wright and of other renowned architects. I found myself hooked by their undeniable beauty and form. These were national treasures!

But what also struck me was their… accessibility.  To me, these incredible structures were museum pieces in their own right that warranted a guard standing in the driveway collecting admission tickets, didn’t they?

The reality is that there are many historically significant, and of course stunning architectural homes by legendary architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Donald Wexler, William Krisel and John Lautner (among many others) that not only exist all around us in Los Angeles and Palm Springs but are also at times available for purchase.

Can you really own a piece of history or is it more of a conservatorship situation? Different owners see it in different ways but one thing is for sure, in LA we have access to a great number of these museum-worthy homes, many of which are priced not far off from average home values in their respective neighborhoods.

Enjoy your own virtual pilgrimage and browse through some of the more recent examples (scroll through the articles below) and know that there are many more of these gems quietly nestled all around our city… perhaps waiting for you to take your turn in seeing what it’s like to live in a masterpiece.


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